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  • Why Haven’t You Added RSS Feeds to Your Website Yet?

    We live in an age when anyone, regardless of their writing ability, opinion, or background, can run and own a website. Subsequently, according to, the indexed portion of the web contains more than 2.6 billion webpages. For most web users, this is simply a headache; a huge pool of data they have to wade […]

  • What Have You Done for Your Website’s RSS Feed? Three Tips

    Did you know that about 10% of people online use RSS feed readers to check up on websites? If you have a website you want to promote more, RSS can play an important role. Here are three ways you can use RSS in order to get more people engaged with your website, and maybe even […]

  • Four Reasons RSS Continues to Be Important to Website Marketing

    Even with the death of Google Reader in July 2013, RSS remains an important way for businesses and bloggers to spread their brand across the world wide web. RSS, often referred to as “really simple syndication”, is an incredibly powerful medium for sharing your content across the web. Here are four reasons to use a […]

  • Why You Should Add RSS Feeds on Your Website

    One of the most difficult parts about running a successful website is gaining visitors. Internet users are spending time looking for interesting and engaging content. The last thing you want to do is bore your readers to death. Recent studies show a majority of internet users looking for reviews about products and services before buying […]

  • How To Answer The Question, How Do I Add RSS To My Website?

    Have you lately been asking yourself, how do I add RSS to my website? If this question has plagued you and no answers have popped into your head through normal means, go online for some helpful advice. Technology gurus with information on adding an RSS feed for website pages will be more than happy to […]

  • Getting More Web Traffic with RSS Feeds

    Do you like to receive targeted updates from your preferred news and entertainment sources? If you answered “yes,” you’re not alone! Establishing an RSS feed for websites is a user friendly way to keep a reliable stream of relevant news, humor, gossip and other information directly to a blog or other site. And you can […]

  • 3 important facts about RSS feeds for websites

    RSS stands for rich site summary is a format used by sites that constantly change the content of their sites. RSS feeds for websites are commonly offered by news sites, weblogs and other sites that would benefit in offering the format to their subscribers. Many websites now offer RSS feeds to users. In fact most […]

  • Three Distinct Advantages To Adding An RSS Feed For Website Purposes

    Have you recently been contemplating to yourself, how best can I add RSS feed to my website? If so, you may have noticed some of the more obvious and less obvious advantages to doing such a thing. Before you go and pick out an RSS feed for website purposes, find out the reasons others like […]

  • Why RSS Feeds?

    What is an RSS feed any why add RSS feeds to websites? RSS feeds is a group of formats on the internet source and blogs, news headlines, and more, including their text either in full or summarized formation and sometimes insides dates an author information. RSS feeds for websites are good because it helps the […]

  • Two Advantages When You Add RSS Feed To Website Pages

    When you add RSS feed to website pages, it is a clear and simple way to drive more traffic to your website. Whether you have not enough time on your hands to develop fresh content internally or you would simply prefer to have resources and articles come in from outside your agency or corporation, you […]