What Have You Done for Your Website’s RSS Feed? Three Tips

Did you know that about 10% of people online use RSS feed readers to check up on websites? If you have a website you want to promote more, RSS can play an important role. Here are three ways you can use RSS in order to get more people engaged with your website, and maybe even rank higher in Google search results.

1. How do I Add RSS to My Website?

The truth is, your website is already ready to go, you don’t need to add RSS feeds to websites. All you need is something users can click in order to add your website’s unique RSS feed, or feeds, to their reader. Most websites either use a button, text, or a combination of both. “Click here to subscribe,” is typical, and RSS buttons are represented by an orange square with two white, curved lines in the middle. You will need to find the easy HTML to use for your site, but it should look like something like < a href = "your site rss" > < img src = "image" >.

2. Have a Specific Page Readers Can Use

If your site has many, frequent updates, it’s very possible that users only want to follow a certain type of post. For example, The New York Times, along with many other large websites, has an entire page devoted to RSS feeds you can follow. You can get updates about financial news, health news, or you can get everything at once. Not only does this give your readers more options, but creating a page will also catch anyone Googling for RSS feeds. It is a good idea to add RSS feed for websites on a distinct page with a brief explanation of how it works.

3. How RSS Feeds for Websites Can Help Marketing

RSS technology is fairly simple. An RSS reader collects feeds from different websites, and organizes them into an easy to read format, displaying the latest entries on top. This function, which popular sites like Twitter and Facebook employ in more complicated ways, can be a great marketing tool for your website. If you import an RSS type feed onto your pages, with the latest updates from your own site, once viewers are finished with a page they are more likely to click to another page on your site, rather than navigating away.

Are you still asking, “How can I add RSS to my website?” Let us know if you have questions.