Getting More Web Traffic with RSS Feeds

Do you like to receive targeted updates from your preferred news and entertainment sources? If you answered “yes,” you’re not alone! Establishing an RSS feed for websites is a user friendly way to keep a reliable stream of relevant news, humor, gossip and other information directly to a blog or other site. And you can easily make an RSS feed for websites you administrate yourself!

So, you ask, how do I add RSS feed to my website? Well, it’s not that tricky. Here’s how I add RSS feeds to website I operate.
In some internet browsers, including Internet Explorer 7, functionality to add RSS feed to website is built in. You’ll see an RSS or XML icon on a page that has such a feed, and if you click it you’ll be able to subscribe to that specific feed. That’s how I add RSS to my website! But there are a few other ways. You may also be sent an RSS feed for websites in an email that contains a sharing invitation. Or you can add an RSS feed for websites in the Microsoft Office account settings dialog box.

Once you’ve created an RSS feed for websites you operate, other users can subscribe to that feed. It’s a perfect tool for webmasters who want to draw a new audience and create a good deal of repeat traffic (from users who like the particular content your site feeds to them). People surfing for this kind of content will need to have an RSS reader in order to see the various updates to all the sites they monitor, but if they’re subscribing to your feed then YOUR site will be one of the ones they see. Pretty neat, right?