Why RSS Feeds?

What is an RSS feed any why add RSS feeds to websites? RSS feeds is a group of formats on the internet source and blogs, news headlines, and more, including their text either in full or summarized formation and sometimes insides dates an author information. RSS feeds for websites are good because it helps the publishers of these websites automatically syndicate its content. In simple terms, RSS feed for websites is like a little stock market ticker constantly providing information in a stead stream so it reader is as up to date as possible on the topic at hand.

When I decided to add RSS feed to my website, people basically signed up who wanted to read the information I was sending out. Then whatever information I added to my RSS feed appeared on their informative ticker on their screen. In certain industries it makes sense for companies to add RSS feed to websites. For example, any company having anything to do with the stock market would add RSS feeds to websites. Perhaps music bands with an insane followings might add RSS feeds to website. The weather service might find it valuable to add RSS feeds to websites. Any company or organization whose followers could somehow benefit, or be interested in, a continuous steady stream of information might consider adding RSS feeds to websites.

To add RSS feed to websites is like having a continuous newsletter. Also, continuous updates to your website like those that clicked through the RSS feed will attract the attention of search engines making your website more searchable. If you were to add RSS feeds to websites, then every time you updated your feed users would clock through to your website to read the goods. Again, this would greatly increase the number of click throughs and traffic your website would receive and make your ranking on search engines even higher.