Four Reasons RSS Continues to Be Important to Website Marketing

Even with the death of Google Reader in July 2013, RSS remains an important way for businesses and bloggers to spread their brand across the world wide web. RSS, often referred to as “really simple syndication”, is an incredibly powerful medium for sharing your content across the web. Here are four reasons to use a RSS feed for websites to improve your web presence.

  • Convenience for Your Customer
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    By configuring your webpage to add itself to lists of RSS feeds for websites, you automatically update your subscribed readers when you have posted new content. RSS feeds are congregated into one centralized location so that readers do not have to check all of their favorite websites each day to find out if they have an update. As Paradigm writes, if you choose to add RSS feeds to websites that you run, you choose to give your readers much more convenient access to your content. This means more consistent traffic.

  • Convenience for You
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    If you have been wondering “should I add RSS to my website”, the answer is yes. Why? Simply because it gives you an incredibly easy way to update your readers and search engines about the new content available on your page. This means you no longer have to manually update search engines whenever you publish a new piece.

    Lisa Irby of 2 Create a Website writes that popular blog hosting sites Blogger and WordPress automatically configure your RSS feed for websites that catalog RSS updates. If you are using another web service, however, you should look into manually adding a RSS script to your page immediately.

  • The Power of Social Media
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    According to Statistics Brain, there are literally billions of people using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The former has 1.15 billion users. The latter generates over 190 million posts a day. RSS feeds for websites now allow webmasters to take advantage of the enormous pool of potential readers that is social media.

    After the death of Google Reader, there was a vacuum left over that needed to be filled with high quality RSS reading applications. Pulse is one such application that stepped up. Pulse allows mobile users to access their RSS subscription lists and share the content they love easily across social platforms. This means more viewers and more traffic for your website.

  • It is Completely Free
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    As the icing on the cake, RSS costs absolutely nothing for you to use. You get the benefits of making things more convenient for you and your readers while harnessing the power of social media without having to spend a dime. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of a free opportunity to generate some buzz?

Whether you run an academic website, food blog, or a page about bead-craft, the fact is in the age of the internet you need all the help you can get. After all, as Business Insider points out, there were 644 million websites as of March 2012. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you have to do whatever you can to spread your name. A RSS feed for websites can help.