What to Know About Self Defense Liability Insurance – Doug Davies

The policy’s paperwork can give you valuable insight into the self-defense liability insurance policy.

The primary thing you need to remember in determining whether to buy USCCA self-defense insurance is the fact that it doesn’t provide coverage in the event that an individual is charged with an offense. Criminal acts are explicitly listed as a reason to exclude them from the policy’s papers. The USCCA policy will not offer self-defense liability insurance that you require if you are accused of committing a crime.

It’s important to remember that even in situations where your coverage is provided by insurance plan, the USCCA has control over your lawyer choice to defend you. The policy dictates that the lawyer you choose should adhere to certain standards and hourly rates.

This USCCA Self Defense Liability Policy shouldn’t be considered. For those who want to buy self defense coverage should opt for other policies to ensure that they’re not subject to many restrictions and exclusions. Research every policy you’re contemplating.