New York Citys Best Burgers – eatinoc

They are like a diamond among millions of subpar burgers. There’s no way around once you’ve found the best. These delicious burgers are one of the best available. They’ll have you returning time and again. In this clip you’ll learn about the best New York City’s top burgers.

Clinton Hall is the first location on our list that has a burger. The burger comes with all the elements you need. The bun is actually one made from sesame seeds that gets toasted until it is perfect in hot butter over the grill. It gives it that crisp and buttery taste. An additional layer of cheese is added to the patties when they’ve been cooked. A layer of special sauce is added to the inside of the patties. It gives a huge chew. It will still be one of the best burgers you’ve ever eaten. The flavors combine to make the ideal combination of tasty, savory. This is a wonderful discovery. Watch the video to get more details on NYC’s best burgers.