How to Pull Up Carpet and Lay Laminate Flooring – Carpet Cleaning Fort Dodge

The carpet is still there. Even if the lines are non-rectangular, it’s likely that you’ll use the carpet again. The strips should be rolled up and tie them up with tape. This will make it easy to move them from the place where you can dispose of them. An important step to remember, even as you are making the transition to pulling up the carpet and lay laminate flooring, is how to dispose of carpet and padding. Do you live in a community that has restrictions concerning the disposal of such items? If you’re unable to put the item within the standard garbage containers and require a hauling service. The hauling service will pick up your trash, and then safely dispose it.
Get rid of the Tack Strips

After that, you must remove the tacks strips. Tack strips are tiny pieces of wood adorned with tacks or nails used to install the carpet. They can be very sharp, so be careful not to try and get rid of them by using gloves. You can use a flat-head screwdriver, or a pry bar for assistance. You can also break them into smaller pieces to facilitate control when you remove them from the space.

Get rid of the under-padding

The underpadding is what remains after you’ve pulled out your carpet. It’s a crucial layer which is typically secured to the floor during the carpet’s installation. It is difficult to remove since it was pinned with staplers or pins. To get it off the ground, you will have to drag it around as much as possible. For removing the staplers you may employ a screwdriver that has a flat head. If you are having difficulty getting rid of staples, you may be able to smash them into the ground. It is a time-consuming process, particularly if the goal is to get rid of every pin. In fact, the whole task of how to pull down carpet and lay laminate flooring is going to be a lengthy process. It might take a few days to complete the whole house, including installing customized garage flooring. Prepare yourself mentally to tackle the task will keep the need to stop midway. If the floor is concrete The pad is held down by glue. After you’ve pulled the pad,