How to Properly Care for Braces – Preventing Cavaties

Make sure you polish your pearly whites in order to guard against catching diseases.

When you are brushing your teeth with braces, make sure that you get every angle. Get above the bracket, below the bracket, and on both edges. Don’t forget about the angles on your teeth and also. If you wear braces, electronic toothbrushes make a smart option to avoid dental plaque and tartar accumulation.

It isn’t easy to floss while wearing braces. Though you can utilize an instrument that resembles a hook to wrap the floss around the wire, it takes an incredibly long time, and is not suggested. Instead, use disposable handheld floss tools that can easily move behind braces and not having to waste precious time.

Use mouthwash to wash your mouth as well. It will leave your breath clean and help prevent the spread of bacteria causing gum disease. To keep your lips safe, cover any metal brackets that are rubbing against your cheeks with wax. Be assured that the wax won’t harm you should you consume it.

For more information, check out the video above.