How Artists Create Masterpieces Out of E-Waste – Computer Arts Magazine

tronics. Her eyes are always focused on the latest fashions, and she designs her pieces to suit. They are both wearable and contemporary and demonstrate how creativity and recycling combine. This artist has amazed everyone with her inventiveness and keen eye for details. She makes use of a metal fabricator to separate precious metals out of old electronics and makes beautiful artworks from this process.

Another artist who has taken recycling to a new level is Cyrus Kabiru. Cyrus Kabiru is a sculptor who gathers rubbish from Nairobi’s streets and then transforms it into jewels. Also, he creates sculptures as well as bicycles from bits of wire and other types of e-waste. This is an example of how any type of waste can be functional for the creative mind. It is an example of how you can make you the artist.

The world is finding it increasingly difficult to handle electronic waste. The artists offer alternatives to recycling, encouraging people to find creative ways to make use for electronic trash. Though it’s far from solving the problem entirely, this is an excellent place to begin. To create something stunning You can utilize anything, from an old radio, or even a Chromebook. It’s possible for anyone to accomplish this. You can be anything you’d like to be as an electrician or an IT specialist.