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Why Haven’t You Added RSS Feeds to Your Website Yet?

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We live in an age when anyone, regardless of their writing ability, opinion, or background, can run and own a website. Subsequently, according to, the indexed portion of the web contains more than 2.6 billion webpages. For most web users, this is simply a headache; a huge pool of data they have to wade through to find something great.

On the other hand, the over-saturated status of the internet makes it extremely difficult for bloggers, businessmen, and anyone else looking to carve out a name for themselves online. Sure, SEO, web design, and all of that are important ways to beat out your competition and get yourself seen. However, those methods often cost a lot in both time and money. Adding a RSS feed for websites to your page, whether to help spread your content or others’, is an easy, free way to syndicate your content and get it in front of the more than 2 billion people, according to Internet World Stats, now using the web for all of their