Why Haven’t You Added RSS Feeds to Your Website Yet?

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We live in an age when anyone, regardless of their writing ability, opinion, or background, can run and own a website. Subsequently, according to WorldWideWebSize.com, the indexed portion of the web contains more than 2.6 billion webpages. For most web users, this is simply a headache; a huge pool of data they have to wade through to find something great.

On the other hand, the over-saturated status of the internet makes it extremely difficult for bloggers, businessmen, and anyone else looking to carve out a name for themselves online. Sure, SEO, web design, and all of that are important ways to beat out your competition and get yourself seen. However, those methods often cost a lot in both time and money. Adding a RSS feed for websites to your page, whether to help spread your content or others’, is an easy, free way to syndicate your content and get it in front of the more than 2 billion people, according to Internet World Stats, now using the web for all of their

What Have You Done for Your Website’s RSS Feed? Three Tips

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Did you know that about 10% of people online use RSS feed readers to check up on websites? If you have a website you want to promote more, RSS can play an important role. Here are three ways you can use RSS in order to get more people engaged with your website, and maybe even rank higher in Google search results.

1. How do I Add RSS to My Website?

The truth is, your website is already ready to go, you don’t need to add RSS feeds to websites. All you need is something users can click in order to add your website’s unique RSS feed, or feeds, to their reader. Most websites either use a button, text, or a combination of both. “Click here to subscribe,” is typical, and RSS buttons are represented by an orange square with two white, curved lines in the middle. You will need to find the easy HTML to use for your site, but it should look like something like < a href = "your site rss" > < img src = "image" >.

2. Have a Specific Page Readers Can Use

If your

Four Reasons RSS Continues to Be Important to Website Marketing

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Even with the death of Google Reader in July 2013, RSS remains an important way for businesses and bloggers to spread their brand across the world wide web. RSS, often referred to as “really simple syndication”, is an incredibly powerful medium for sharing your content across the web. Here are four reasons to use a RSS feed for websites to improve your web presence.

  • Convenience for Your Customer
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    By configuring your webpage to add itself to lists of RSS feeds for websites, you automatically update your subscribed readers when you have posted new content. RSS feeds are congregated into one centralized location so that readers do not have to check all of their favorite websites each day to find out if they have an update. As Paradigm writes, if you choose to add RSS feeds to websites that you run, you choose to give your readers much more convenient access to your content. This means more consistent traffic.

  • Convenience for You

Why You Should Add RSS Feeds on Your Website

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One of the most difficult parts about running a successful website is gaining visitors. Internet users are spending time looking for interesting and engaging content. The last thing you want to do is bore your readers to death. Recent studies show a majority of internet users looking for reviews about products and services before buying anything. Providing reviews and informative content about products and services is an effective way to increase visitors and subscribers. If I add RSS feed to my website, I will be giving my readers and subscribers the option to receive fresh new content on their feed reader.

There are many reasons why RSS feeds for websites are producing increased sales and subscribers. First off, people are looking for a convenient way to receive content on their desktop. A RSS feed for website gives people a time saving solution for receiving fresh new content. Instead of taking the time to visit each individual website to catch up on the latest information, RSS subscribers simply open up their feed reader. Providing subscribers a convenient way to receive content is the number one reason why I add RSS feed to my website. Before you add RSS feed for websites, be sure to check out the design options available.

We have all noticed the little orange square button on blogs and websites that give us the option to subscribe to an RSS feed. Before you add RSS feeds to website, be sure to look over your theme design to make sure your RSS button flows with the rest of your website. Those who add RSS feed to website are able to produce more subscribers, as long as content is unique and engaging. If you are asking yourself why you should add RSS feed to my website, be sure to think about the advantages of RSS feeds for internet marketing. I add RSS feed to my website to produce more subscribers.